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I paint mainly with oils on canvas, embracing excess with large high-colour maximalist images. I draw energy from the human achievements I see now and those I envisage for the future. I describe my work as an ungoverned composite of influences with a glow of Neo-Futurism edging into the foreground. The use of technology is central to my practice, with my current research focused on Artificial Intelligence. I believe the technology will deliver 'a new art movement.'
Discriminator v Generator Fourth Revolution-2026 Fourth Revolution-2027
Dylan Cotton painting Dylan Cotton painting Dylan Cotton Painting
Attentional Generative Specular Regeneration Compostion RW12
Attentional Generative Specular Regeneration  Composition RW02 
Composition RW06 Composition RW07 Composition RW11
Compostion RW06  Composition RW07  Composition RW11 
Composition RW09  SOLD Composition RW08  SOLD Composition RW02 SOLD

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